LOGBUA - house on the sea
logbua House on the sea




"Happiness is great food and great company."


LOcal chefs

Our local chefs Grethe and Frode prepare for you the most delicious dishes with fresh and real wild local caught seafood.


Books and food

We have our own library on Logbua of art and cooking books in english and norwegian Our wish is that you should be inspired through food, art, wine and sea during your stay on Logbua.


Fresh caught shellfish

Winter is Here, Which Means Shellfish Season is Upon Us. It's the perfect time to hunt for crabs, clams and oysters….The winter is their chance to fatten up again. Oysters, in particular, are at their peak during the coldest months of the year.


kongshamn bryggerestaurant

Today we have been so lucky to serve our guests on Logbua very tasteful food from Kongshamn Bryggerestaurant. A good combination of fish and meat, seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices. Hege Hansen and Bernt Sætre who are both chefs with many years experience at top restaurants in Norway. Everything is produced locally and Hidra being a fishing islands, the fresh fish is amazing.